How To Watch TV Without Cable

Have you ever thought about disconnecting yourself from your cable company? Does the thought of saving over $1000 a year have you thinking about the possibilities of an additional vacation this year?  Then you have come to the right spot, we will teach you how to watch tv without cable!  You have many alternatives to cable TV that give the same experience that cable offers, without being locked into spending hundreds of dollars a year.  Many TV networks have turned to the internet to allow users to never miss an episode and there is even technology that allows you to watch this on your TV.  We will dive into a couple of these internet TV providers and scratch the surface of what is possible.  Look around this site to see further detail, including a review of Netflix and Hulu Plus!


Where do I start?

First, you want to write down what it is that you watch on a weekly/ monthly basis.  Is there a TV series that you just CAN’T miss?  Are you a sports buff?  Do you prefer to sit down with the family on a Friday night and watch a new movie?  You need to figure out what it is that is important to you.  Second, what medium do you want to use to watch?  If you just purchased a brand new big screen TV, the thought of dropping your cable provider might sound like the dumbest decision of you life or is it?  Many of the services we will outline in this guide offer HD solutions and will make that new TV shine!  What if you don’t have a TV?  That’s perfectly fine too, you can use your computer, tablet or smartphone and use these same services!  Lastly, look at your current cable bill and figure out just how much you spend every month on cable tv.  The average cable TV bill is about $80 a month, with potential to get to $200 by 2020.  By implementing some of the tips in this website, How To Watch TV Without Cable, we could save the average family $700 a year and up to over $1000!


What do I need?

Ok, I’m interested in How To Watch TV Without Cable, so what do I need?  Frist, you need something with the ability to connect to the internet.  This could be a number of devices, but one of the simplest is a Smart Box.  We will have an entire article devoted to this shortly, but for now, this Roku will do great!  Then, all you need to do is to sign up for the various service providers.  We are a big fan of Netflix and Hulu Plus.  Again, we will have a list of multiple providers soon.  Continue on for a breakdown of the difference between the two.


Service Providers

The main options we recommend at How To Watch TV Without Cable is Netflix and Hulu Plus.  You could easily get by with just one or the two, but they both bring something unique to the table.  Netflix is primarily gear towards movies and Hulu Plus takes care of the TV shows.  So, earlier we asked to take an inventory of your TV watch habits.  This is where you will want to refer back to that list.  Both Netflix and Hulu Plus offer a GREAT free trial to make sure that you can access everything you are looking for!  If you are looking to really cut down on your cable bill and just want to select one, here is what we recommend.  Netflix is PERFECT for watching movies and they have a large selection of TV shows that are released on DVD.  Hulu Plus is for those more interested in watching current TV shows.  They don’t have the greatest movie selection, but it is slowly improving.  We HIGHLY recommend you take the time to sign up and just try it, just make sure you don’t disconnect your cable until you are sure.  Stay posted for a review of Hulu Plus and a review of Netflix very soon!


To sum things up, if you are part of the average that pays around $80 a month for cable and you purchase a Roku box along with 12 months of Netflix and Hulu Plus then you will save yourself over $700 a year!  Can you imagine the possibilities?  How To Watch TV Without Cable is here to bring you more solutions.  Keep your eyes open for future articles.