Showbiz is a tough business. A lot of people think that being a huge celebrity is just an easy job.

Besides the long hours of shooting, actors and actresses deal with a ton of stress behind the scenes. Negotiating with people, traveling to locations, going on auditions, and more. What’s, even more, stressing about this industry is that you are not sure that you will always have a job after a role is done the filming.

Being a famous Hollywood actor does not mean that you get handed roles just for being famous. You have to earn them. Another thing that can influence your career is how well you treat other people. You have to keep building bridges and avoid burning existing ones if you want to stay in the business. In Hollywood, you never know. You might be a huge superstar for now, but you can’t say for sure how long you will stay on the spotlight. In this article, we have listed some of the actors that do Hollywood won’t cast anymore.

Brendan Fraser

We all know Brendan Fraser as the male hero lead of the movie trilogy, The Mummy. Back then it was so entertaining to watch him beat up dead people and save the day. He enjoyed his time in the limelight during the early 2000s. He was quite the leading man but he just can’t get lucky anymore these days. His action skills and comedy shtick is just not working anymore which put him in a really awkward position. He did not even get cast in the 2017 reboot of the Mummy.

Mike Myers

Mike Myers has proven himself as a great comedy actor. He was a bona fide comedy star for decades but it seems that his talent just cannot push through anymore. A lot of people think that Mike Myers has been given too many chances and keeps on disappointing. It’s about time that casting directors stop giving him roles.

Taylor Lautner

Sharkboy gained worldwide popularity as the hottie Jacob in Twilight. Although his rise to stardom was a phenomenon, it was incredibly brief. The Twilight movies jumpstarted the careers of its cast members and Taylor Lautner was very much included. The movie series was enough to put Lautner in the map but the problem was he himself. Lautner was not versatile enough to land roles and his star power did not suffice to keep himself in the spotlight.

Nicolas Cage

There was a time that Nicolas Cage used to be everywhere. There are a lot of memes of him roaming the Internet and people can’t get enough of them. We still know Nicolas Cage to date but we do not really see him on the big screen anymore. This is because rumor has it that ever since he has put himself in huge debt, he had to go for mediocre roles that jeopardized his career.