True-crime stories have been widespread across almost all platforms of media these past several years now. When you swipe across social media, it’s almost impossible not to stumble upon a long post, podcast, video, or any form of content regarding a horrific crime and the long backstory. Reading these stories are horrifying but they sure do keep people hooked.

Netflix has been an avenue for these kinds of stories to be heard. In this article, we have listed some of the best true-crime documentaries and docuseries you should watch right now.

Abducted in Plain Sight

Abducted in Plain Sight is one of the craziest and mind-boggling true-crime documentaries of this time. It shows how one man can singlehandedly affect and destroy a family. In the mid-70s, the Broberg family was almost destroyed as their loving daughter was abducted not once, but twice by their sociopathic neighbor Bob “B” Berchtold. Berchtold had an obsession with Jan, an innocent girl of 12. The documentary also shows how the justice system continually fails the young victims of sexual crimes.

Amanda Knox

This documentary is quite different from others because it does not only showcase the crime itself but it also makes you lean towards the suspect’s guilt or innocence. Amanda Knox has been convicted and acquitted not once, but twice, as the primary suspect for murdering her roommate while she was studying abroad in Italy. The directors of this documentary revisited this estranged story and gave its viewers peerless access to key players and new archival footage.

The Confession Tapes

Would you ever think that it is possible for someone to crack and admit something that they did not even do? The Confession Tape shows how pressure and long hours of interrogation can really play the minds of people and even make them confess to another person’s crime. The docuseries features six stories that are told in seven episodes. It narrows down to a single phenomenon and how it affects the flawed criminal justice system.  

Evil Genius

Most true-crime stories only follow one specific case. It is already hard to follow the story of a missing person, a robbery, a murder, a rape case, let alone following multiple incidents. Evil Genius is a true-crime docuseries that is like no other because it unfolds with layers of shocking developments. It is a bank heist, a bombing case, and a ruthless scavenger hunt that is full of twists and turns. These series of crimes is allegedly the plan of only a single woman, Marjorie Diehl Armstrong. The docuseries shows her diabolical robbery and murder plan that undermined the authorities.