It’s not easy to teach kids words and improve their vocabularies. It is a constant challenge that parents and teachers must find a way to do. The obvious way to help kids with their vocabulary is to give them a list of words with their definitions. Memorizing this list is a pain and plain boring. This is not the most effective way to get kids engaged and thought.

Nowadays, parents and teachers are getting more creative in teaching kids and helping them with their vocabulary. There are now a lot of vocabulary games that improve skill without boredom. These board games keep kids engaged, happy, at the same time learning. They also foster a competitive mentality within kids that makes them want to do good and win the game, which makes this method super effective in teaching them. Here are some board games that will improve kids’ vocabularies.


Scrabble is the most famous word game there is. Scrabble is one of those games available on the desktop computer back in the day that you play when there is no Internet. It is a classic game of building words with the available letter tiles that you have. You place the tiles on the board to form the words and try to hit the double word or triple letter boxes to get a higher score.


Boggle is a fun word game that makes you think of words while under a clock timer. The game starts by shaking a 4×4 covered tray containing cubes with letters. After shaking the tray you place it down and set the timer on. Players must list down words that they can build with adjacent cubes. Horizontal, vertical, and diagonal neighboring cubes can be used to form words with no less than 3 letters. The player who lists the most words wins the game.


Blurt is a fun game that can get loud and raucous but it sure is fun. In the game, players read aloud the definition of words and the first one to blurt out the right word moves ahead on the board. The more words you guess the more you can advance to the board. The first person or team to circle the board wins the game. Sounds simple, right? But this game can get easily competitive and boisterous. People can get tongue-tied, forgetful, and heated up. It requires you to think fast or else the other teams will get the word before you do.


Balderdash is a great game that really improves vocabulary. Here is how it works: a player called the dasher is given a card that contains words with their definitions included on the back of the card. The dasher rolls a die to determine which of the words to set in play. He reads the word out loud without the definition to the other players. The other players must now make up definitions for the word. It should sound legitimate and fool the other players. The players will write down their definitions and the dasher also writes down the correct definition. The dasher then reads all the collected definitions out loud and each of them will vote on what definition they think is the real one. If your definition is voted, you get a point. If you have come up with the right definition, you also get a point.