Can LiveWave Antenna replace your expensive cable TV subscription?

The technology behind the making of these antennas has become more advanced and one of the models ushering a new change is the LiveWave Antenna.

Flipping through the same local TV channels can be tiring, if you are the type who has considered paying for a cable subscription then you should know that there is another more affordable alternative out there, and that is the indoor antenna. It is the latest improvement in the TV antenna industry that keeps on advancing to better TV. There are different types of antenna that are being sold in the market there is the basic pole antenna, loop antennas, and the recent flat digital antennas.

LiveWave Antenna is a new kind that doesn’t conform to previous models. It is a plug-in antenna that turns your built-in electrical wiring to a receiver of TV signals. It’s an amazing piece of technology that is designed after military communications technology that has been developed to gain reliable and stable radio signal connection. Installing one with your TV enables you to get more local TV channels available in your area without any hidden charges. It’s a device that can change your TV experience for the better.

How Does LiveWave Work?

A LiveWave Antenna works with a high coaxial cable, plugging it in and connecting it with your TV enables it to convert the electrical wiring into your home into a big receiving antenna. It is a type of technology that most people are not yet familiar with, but it works.  Because it is designed after the latest military communications technology. This device is one of the models inspired by innovation.

If you have always wanted to have HD channels in your TV, then this is your chance to get it by installing a LiveWave TV Antenna in your home you will have access to several channels in clear quality resolution. With such a small device it also makes it easier to install. You just have to plug it into an AC outlet and connect it to your TV. Choose it as your TV source and scan for available channels in your area. You will have more channels in no time.

LiveWave Specifications

Weight: 226g
Dimensions: 4.5cm x 4.5cm x 5.2cm
Color: Black
Reception: High Definition
Coaxial Cable Length: 8 feet



With just one purchase of a LiveWave Antenna, you can improve your TV experience for the better. You only need to pay once in order to get HD quality channels. It’s an alternative you should choose if you plan on cutting cable for good.
With the innovative technology behind the antenna, it can offer you a better and stable reception. It can convert the electrical wiring of your home into a giant TV antenna. Which creates makes up for a wider coverage area and receive signals from any direction.
As a plug-in antenna, it is perfectly safe to use and pose no threat or hazard. It offers a lot of possibilities you can get a hold of just by testing it out. You can’t get a more powerful antenna than this.
A plug-in antenna like LiveWave needs to be plug in directly to an outlet due to its requirement of a higher voltage and to avoid abrupt disconnections.
As it was designed, the plug is not the antenna itself but the wiring system of your house. If the wiring is set up improperly then it won’t work as efficiently.

Customer Feedback

I’m not sure how this works exactly but it looks great. The delivery of my order was a bit delayed, so I only got this last week. I only tried it now and it came up with an additional 8 channels on my TV. It’s not much but I think that is totally cool. Brian Connor

I think this antenna is one of the reasons I quit the cable. We have been using it for a couple of years, but it also involves additional expenses to our monthly bills. We decided to cut it off due to that, but we still wanted to watch good TV, so I purchased a LiveWave Antenna through a friend’s recommendation and here I am telling you that it was a good decision. Kudos! Jennifer Liu

I just got a hold of this yesterday and I’ve been testing it out since. Had problems with it at first so I contacted customer service for more info. Turns out the cable was a bit loose and  so take a note on that. Second, it worked okay I have better resolution channels which are nice, and I can recommend this if you like to buy one.

Gina Owen

To those who are wondering how this might actually work, I might relate it to how you get your internet through a broadband connection. That’s my thoughts about this. I think its cool that this could be the future antenna. I tested it on my own and it baffles me how small it is. Donnie Mcgregor


Some antennas usually require having a digital receiver box to function, but the LiveWave Antenna is different. As a plug-in antenna, it transfers that responsibility to the electrical wiring in your home by converting them as an antenna system. Because of its minimal design, it’s also easy to install requiring no heavy or bulky equipment. Installing a LiveWave Antenna with your TV can offer you more possibilities to get the best out of your TV. This is an antenna that can go beyond your expectations.