What’s not to love about weddings? Everybody loves them. It’s a day devoted to celebrating love and matrimony. It’s also a day where family and friends gather, eat, drink, and party! What do you think tops a real wedding? A wedding movie maybe! Wedding movies are some of the best films to watch. They bring joy, tears, and a ton of laughter to the crowd. They are instant crowd pleasers and you can never go wrong with them. In this article, we have listed some of the best wedding movies you should watch. Get your binder ready, because you might want to plan your dream wedding after watching these films.

Father of the Bride

What would you do if your daughter from abroad announces that she is engaged when she gets back home? Any normal parent would get mixed emotions, right? That’s what exactly what happened to the case of George and Nina when they found that their loving daughter Annie gets back home from studying abroad. They go in a rollercoaster ride from wedding planning to meet the in-laws and a whole lot more.

Mamma Mia!

Isn’t it any bride’s dream for both of her parents to walk her down the aisle on her big day? In this wedding film, Meryl Streep stars as Donna, a hotelier in the Greek Islands gets ready for her daughter’s wedding. Sophie, played by Amanda Seyfried, has devised a plan without the knowledge of her loving mother. She plans to identify which of the three men in her mother’s past is her father and have this man escort her on her wedding day.

27 Dresses

A Katie Heigl film will surely give you romance and joy. 27 Dresses is one of Heigl’s most iconic films. The story follows the story of Jane, played by Heigl of course, a forever-bridesmaid who selflessly helps everyone who needs a good wedding planning. Complications arise when Tess, Jane’s younger sister, snags the man that Jane is secretly in love with. Jane starts to question what she has been doing and why she allows herself to be a bridesmaid all the time. All this happens while a handsome journalist observes Jane and her story, and tries to use this for his bridal story in the paper.

Bride Wars

Planning your dream wedding with your best friend is the best. You have the same taste and you can definitely trust her for good advice. But what happens when faith decides to play on your friendship? Liv and Emma have always dreamed ever since they were little girls to have their weddings at The Plaza Hotel in New York. Complications in the date make their wedding on the same day which makes them turn on each other.

The Proposal

Would you marry your boss if your career depends on it? In this film, Andrew Paxton has no choice but to go with his boss’ story. Margaret Tate is a big-time book editor faced with the possibility of getting deported back to Canada. Margaret tells the immigration officer that she is engaged to Andrew but would the office buy it? Andrew goes with the plan but has conditions of his own. They fly to Andrew’s family in Alaska and continue with the plan although some mishaps happen in the way.